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MON, 03 MAR 2014

Back in January last year, we launched the Modular iSIPP. It’s fair to say that we were bowled over by the reception it got. It was one of those simple ideas that once thought of you couldn’t help but wonder why on earth nobody had done it before.

In essence, all we did was put more control into the hands of advisers and their clients by structuring the different investment elements of a SIPP in such a way that they could be ‘switched on or off’ as needed. That meant the administration charges investors pay were minimised while the option to include complex investments in their portfolios was preserved. Importantly, investors only pay for what they use when they use it, meaning they can switch on and off a wide range of investment options to suit their specific investment needs throughout the cycle of retirement wealth planning and drawing income. A simple idea that instantly made SIPP investing fairer and more flexible.

As of today, the same principles of increased investor choice and control now apply to non-pension wrappers – general investment accounts (GIAs) and individual savings accounts (ISAs). We’ve called this suite of wrappers and modular underlying investments, Modular iPlan. The Modular iSIPP is the gateway product. If you’re interested in finding out more visit our website.

At the same time as evolving the Modular iSIPP we took the opportunity to enhance the overall proposition by introducing e-signatures and an overall online application process that is slicker and shorter.

Many firms say it (I suspect few actually mean it) but let us know what you think. If it hadn’t been for constructive adviser feedback on the Modular iSIPP, the Modular iPlan might never have made it this far. We not only preach but also practice the belief that life isn’t static, so retirement wealth planning solutions shouldn’t be either. We believe they should flex in line with, and anticipation of, changing needs and your input is invaluable in making sure we continue to meet the evolving needs of your clients.