Modular iPlan – ‘Evolution of Everyday Items One-upmanship’ game rules


MON, 03 MAR 2014

TT card2+ players

Deal all the cards evenly between all the players.

Each player should arrange the cards they’ve been dealt into a stack and have the top card so that they alone can see it.

  • The player to the dealer’s left selects a category from the top card in their hand, and reads out its value
  • In turns, each other player reads out the value of the same category from the top card in their stack
  • The highest value wins the round, and the winner collects all of the cards from that round and adds them to the bottom of their stack
  • The winner from that round then chooses a category from the card that is now top of their stack and repeats the process above
  • When you have no more cards in your stack, you’re out
  • The game finishes when one player is left holding all the cards – they are the winner