Intuitive Technology: let the battle commence…


FRI, 20 JUN 2014

The media-fomented platform ‘price war’ grabs all the column inches at the expense of the equally important little battles, which are being fought over the adoption of intuitive technology. Because they don’t lend themselves to have ‘slashed’ in the headline they tend to be viewed as little more than NIB fodder.

A recent salvo in this forgotten ‘war’ saw us introduce a more intuitive and user-friendly application process, including eSignatures. The volley of enhancements, which went live at the launch of Modular iPlan, also saw us introduce quicker access to funds through a ‘fund favourites’ option to filter searches of over 3000 funds available on the platform, as well as cross-client reporting on cash balances, valuations, contributions and holdings, and portfolio performance. In the same release, we introduced online income change requests and benefit calculation tools. These new additions to the arsenal are only accessible through our secure website so you’ll need to log on to have a go on them. Or failing that the screen shots below will at least let you know what they look like.

The dispatches from the front line have been extremely positive so far and while that will never make the front page it spurs us on as it means we’re on the right track.


Fund favourites:

Cross client reporting on cash balances:

Portfolio performance reporting:
portfolio performance

Income change requests:

Benefit calculation tools:

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